A lesson plan I created during student teaching that pushes high school students to go big. Using the coil hand building technique, students create large-scale forms using their own unique interpretation of their chess piece.


A lesson plan I created during student teaching for younger ages of elementary to introduce two clay hand building techniques: pinch and coil. Using these techniques, they practiced with homemade playdough before creating and painting their own clay cactus forms. Recommended, not shown, is to put these on display in a shallow sand box.

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Teaching Philosophy

          The positive impact my mother and grandmother have had on their students' lives is the main reason they both dedicated their lives to teaching, and this is the same reason I decided to become a third-generation educator. Teaching is both a meaningful way to contribute to my community and to advocate for the arts.

            The support of art teachers throughout my public school education is why I am an artist today. They gave me the creative outlet I needed to express myself, encouraged me to explore, and provided me opportunities for success. The art room was a space where I felt welcome, and I strive to create that atmosphere for future students.

            I believe creativity can heighten any educational process, and creativity is the foundation of the arts. Creativity is about connection: connecting an emotion, thought, belief, or experience to a visual representation, just as humanity has done throughout the ages. As an art educator, my aim is to introduce students to a variety of artists, mediums, and techniques in the hopes that they recognize themselves within something— sparking that connection.

Created by 2nd grade students.

Created by 2nd grade students.